Welcome to the home of Harrison Beach, Lakeview’s premier tanning salon. Bring out your color and have everyone asking if you just got back from the beach. When you’re here, you’re at the beach! Here at Harrison Beach we have several tanning beds including lay down, stand up, and Versa Spa Spray tanning solutions. We are very excited to bring the very best tanning experience to the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans. We are located right off of West Harrison, in between Fleur De Lis drive and Pontchartrain Expressway. Come check us out, and expect to get the best experience possible at an affordable price. We strive to provide you a tanning salon that feels like home, well if your home was at the beach! At Harrison Beach, the environment is geared to make you feel like you just got off the beach with a wonder tan. With top of the line tanning beds, and an unbelievable spray tan experience you can’t get any better than Harrison Beach. Come in today for the best tan you have had in years.

Versa Spa Spray Tanning now available!

Check out these Sunco tanning beds, home to the best sunless tan:

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Check out this video of the Versa Spa spray tanning experience: